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FileBase is a computerized system for tracking and requesting all the files and folders in your office. It can be used stand-alone or as an added module to the LawBase case management systems. FileBase can help your office increase its efficiency and productivity through the integration of these features:

File Room Database - A completely customizable database for holding every file, folder, or other document for all of your matters. This database can be tailored to meet your exact requirements for file status, location, history, etc.

E-mail - FileBase uses your system's electronic mail capabilities to send messages to other users. These messages can be for creating files, requesting files, updating you on their status, etc.

Bar Codes - File information can be entered either through the keyboard, or by taking advantage of the latest bar-code technology. Bar-code labels can be placed on each file and simply scanned by a portable bar code reader for the ultimate in ease of data entry.

Check-in/Check-out - The system you've always wanted to keep your file system under control! Use FileBase and bar code technology to turn your file room into a true check-in/check-out center for your files.

Circulation History - FileBase comes with a "Notes" section that keeps track of everything that has ever happened to a file: where it is, where it was, who has it, who had it, who needs it now, and more.

File Inventory - You can instantly & easily determine which files are in which office by simply scanning the bar code of the office (usually located in the doorway), and then scanning each file in that office.

Reports - You can also create your own file room reports using FileBase's Report Writer. The possibilities with this feature are endless!

System Integration - Synaptec Software can provide you with full integration between FileBase and other software applications - such as LawBase, Synaptec Software's own case management system. Call Synaptec Software if you have another application that you would like to have integrate with FileBase, and it can probably be done.

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